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Dr. M.Luisa Manca is the author of a Audio files series about Autogenic Training, available in Italian, English, French and Spanish.
Autogenic Training is a relaxation technique, effective in reducing and managing anxiety and stress. Stress as we know, is a threat to health and wellbeing which produces a number of adverse effects, including anxiety, insomnia, irritability, headaches and widespread fatigue. Autogenic training can prevent, reduce and eliminate these.

These relaxation techniques are effectively used to achieve a good psycho-physical energy balance, which can often be undermined by interpersonal conflicts in everyday life.

Therefore Autogenic Training is an excellent tool for:
• Self control
• Stress management
• Pain control
• Sleep improvement
• Pain management
• Achieving an optimal mind-body energy balance

Training literally means a “workout-practice” and Autogenic is defined as “something that is generated by itself”, after a course led by an experienced therapist. It is not designed to acquire new behaviours and skills but rather to draw out positive aspects from the deeper layers of our personality, already present in every person (at the psychosomatic level) resulting in a calm, balanced autonomic nervous system.
This technique requires us to adopt specific body positions (sitting, coachman,lying down) that can facilitate the acquisition of relaxation exercises.

Autogenic Training consists of a series of standard exercises related to six physiological areas:
• Muscle
• Vascular
• Cardiac
• Respiratory
• Abdominal
• Cephalic

There this relaxation technique is a multi-purpose approach it seeks to provide vascular, muscle, cardiac, respiratory, abdominal and cephalic control and the achievement of a subjective state of physical and mental

Through correct acquisition of Autogenic Training practice, you can achieve a physiological balance needed to cope with the most typical reactions to stress, tension and anxiety, resulting in learning to be more confidence, self assured, calm and relaxed. This should then release tension on various organs and result in effective intervention of psychosomatic disorders.

Who then, may benefit from Autogenic Training?
There are many areas where this technique can be applied, from sport to the clinical and therapeutic. This technique of psycho-physical relaxation is particularly indicated for people who, for different reasons, have an accelerated and stressful pace of life.

Negative stress as we know, is a threat to health and wellness and can somatise producing a number of adverse effects as described above, that relaxation and exercise can prevent, reduce and eliminate. Autogenic Training is applied in preventative medicine including psychosomatic, psychiatry, preparing for childbirth
and in sports and school environments.

It is now established that Autogenic Training produces beneficial effects in reducing anxiety levels, balancing emotional and psychosomatic tension, relaxation of smooth and striated muscle and stabilisation of the heart rate; it is then indicated in post myocardial infarct episodes as well as post ischemic treatment, post ictal and TBI (traumatic brain injury).

Associated Alternating Bilateral Stimulation (proper of EMDR “ Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing” , psychotherapy method ) with Autogenic Training, implies optimal learning of the same, a more effective and rapid evocation of a safe/calm place, identifiable in a natural setting, chosen by the person (this could be the sea, country/mountains, nature, music ). Phrases images, emotions and bodily sensations that the person has learned to evoke and hear, following his guidance voice, are thus reinforced by many short sets of Alternating Bilateral Stimulations ( uditive SBL- pause- uditive SBL ) that optimises the condition and psychophysical relaxation.
It is recommended that you use headphones to listen to the course and it is also advisable to learn the course three times, in order to have the time to assimilate the exercises. For example, during the first week it is better to stop after the breathing exercise, then after 7 to 10 days, add the heat and solar plexus exercise, then after another 7 to 10 days, carry out the full exercise. To finish the exercise you must follow the instructions in the Autogenic Training manual that comes with the cd.
There is currently ongoing research at Santa Maria Bambina regarding short-term psychotherapy using Autogenic Training with and without SBL, in patients with severe brain injury, acquired in the recovery phase of self-awareness, The sample tested for Anxiety or Depression Disorders, is re-evaluated at the end of treatment and after a month, the effectiveness of the treatment is evaluated.

The samples of research with GCA are compared with a controlled group without neurological disorders, which manifest the same symptoms of anxiety and depression. In total there are 45 people undergoing research. The research aims to verify whether Training of psychological self distension associated with
Alternating Bilateral Stimulation, is indicated on on a complex patient such as the GCA, who may manifest cognitive (eg, attention, concentration, memory), behavioural and emotional disorders. The research aims also to verify how useful the CD is with SBL for an effective learning course.



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